Pictures from the magic Island- Bayamo to Santiago

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Once again, sorry I take so long time to update.
After one day (afternoon) in the Bayamo, a really different (and rainy…) city did I, and a young couple from Netherlands, start our pre-booked three-day trip from Bayamo to Santiago de Cuba.
On the first day, we did a hike up to Fidel Castro´s Headquarter in Sierra Maestra, La comandancia de la Plata. It was muddy, sweaty, hot and absolutely marvelous. It was a 6 km long track and we were up in the mountains for quite precisely 4 hours. I think I never been so tired, so dirty, so thirsty or so sweaty ever before but it was so worth it! The nature was indescribable and to be able to see all the houses etc. that Fidel and his soldiers built and lived and worked in… I just can’t tell how amazing that was! It’s one of those moments in your life you know you will never, never forget!
We spent the night in Manzanillo before we continued our trip. We did a lot of small stops but the highlight of the day (even though the rain was pouring down and we had the thunder right above our head) was when we made a stop at the place where Fidel, Raúl, Che and all the others landed in November 1956 with the boat Granma. Did I mention that I’m a big fan of the Cuban revolution and in particularly Che Guevara?
We spent that night in the small village Marea del Portillo where I for the first time ate lobster. It was so delicious!
We spent the last day in the car and traveled down a really old, bumpy road to Santiago. The AC in the car broke down and we had to drive with the windows open and it was simply magic with the wild sea on the right side of our car, the mountains on the left side and the warm, salty breeze in our hair.


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